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Christian Residential Program in Richmond, Indiana. Accepting new students today.

We admit students ages 12-17 from the U.S. & worldwide. We offer separate residential programs for boys & girls on our 700 acre campus in Richmond, IN. Since 1969 we've helped thousands of teens. Click here to request information.

Boarding School Financial Information

Operating a ministry such as New Creations requires much faith and financial resources. A portion of our funding comes from faithful churches, individuals, and businesses. These gifts help to meet the financial challenges of a ministry this size and allow us to keep our monthly room & board fees (presently $2500/month) affordable for many families.

How Much Does the Residential Program Cost?

Admission related fees

  • Lake activities at New Creations

    Lake activities at New Creations

    Application Fee: $45.00
  • Registration Fee $100.00
  • Book & Computer Fee: $511.46
  • Personal Account: $20.00
  • Uniform Cost (Guys): $522.90
  • Uniform Cost (Girls): $538.58

Monthly room, board & tuition

  • $2,500.00

Total Initial Payment (includes the Admissions related fees listed above & first month’s tuition)

  • Male Students: $3699.36
  • Female Students: $3715.04 (slightly higher due to difference in uniform cost)

Ongoing Monthly Fee (after initial payment)

  • $2500/month for room, board & tuition
  • Funds for Personal Account

What Are My Payment Options?

Parents of boarding students find themselves falling into one of three categories:

  1. Ability to pay monthly tuition.
  2. Ability to pay but not the entire amount each month. On a case by case basis, New Creations will consider extending payments over time, with payments due after the student finishes the program. You will need to submit the Financial Application form; go to the Financial Application page to fill it out online or download the form.
  3. Ability to pay minimally. In this case, you will need to apply for a loan with a third party.

How Can We Pay for Christian Boarding School?

We spend much time fundraising, seeking donations from churches and individuals to help keep our tuition levels affordable. The true cost to us for each student is around $3500/month; $2500/month of that amount comes from student tuition while the remaining $1000/month per student must be generated through fundraising by our staff as we present our ministry before churches and individuals throughout the United States. New Creations Boarding School is a ministry, and we rely daily on the Lord for His provision.

We ask that all parents seek sources such as their home church, parents, grandparents, and others they may know to help fund the stay of their child at New Creations. With diligent effort, you may find some generous local or family sources that may be willing to help sponsor your child while at boarding school.

Girls dormitory group picture

Girls dormitory students group picture