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Making the Right Life Choices

Here we see one of the ministering staff sitting down to eat with one of the students at New Creations Boarding School. This is an evening meal, and what is so great about it is that it is a meal that has helped Steven lose forty pounds.

When Steven came to New Creations Boarding School, he was overweight and having some health problems because of it. We are so incredibly proud of Steven for making a choice to get rid of the extra weight. After a visit to the Doctor and being told that he was a border line diabetic, it was Steven who made the decision to get rid of the extra weight.

You’ve got to feel good about yourself to want to improve, and that is just what Steven did. God will help you have self esteem, and He’ll help you want to change the negative things in your life. That’s just what Steven did.

We are always proud of our students when they make the right life choices for their lives. Keep praying and believing with us that Steven will get this problem in hand and be able to live a long healthy life for God.


  1. Kim Nelms says:

    Great job Steven!! Keep up the good work, I’m so proud of you!

  2. Martha Cook says:

    So proud of you Steven, you have done a great job in all aspects of your life. Keep up the good work and with the Lord’s help you will accomplish whatever you set out for in life. Love You! Miss Martha

  3. Kathy James says:

    Way to go Steven!! So PROUD of you!! Keep up the good work and let God guide you in everything you are doing. Love and Miss you!! Aunt Kathy

  4. Leslie Davis says:

    Awesome job! Keep it up. We are all cheering for you! Leslie

  5. Jerad James says:

    We are so proud of you and your progress keep up the good work, keep your faith and you can do anything that you put your mind too.
    I love you buddy!!!

    Uncle J.T.

  6. Sherri James says:

    I knew New Creations was the right place for Steven. The staff have helped Steven to turn his life around and learn to make the right choices. We are so proud of Steven and all he has achieved. Keep up the good work and know that we all love you and want only the best for you. Love Grandma and Grandpa

  7. Herman Nelms says:

    Steven I am so proud of you and your decision to do this. Keep up the good work. God will help you and support you if you seek his guidance. Love You

  8. Bonnie Nelms says:

    Steven I am very proud of you. It’s wonderful to see you are making wise choices for your life. I know that God is with you every day. Keep up the good work. Love you Grandma Nelms

  9. Patricia James says:

    Great Job Steven!! So happy for you and the choices you’re making, it’s wonderful to see you on a great path! By using hard work, effort and determination you’ll end up exactly where you need to be and where God wants you…We love you! Tricia, Courtney and Shelby:0)

  10. Heath Nelms says:

    Great job Steven!! I’m so very proud of you!! Keep up the good work. Love you Dad

  11. Stevens broo says:

    Hii love you keep up THE good work

    Sincerely,Mr.Bryan Nelms :)

  12. Stevens broo says:


  13. Aunt Karen M. Leonard says:

    Whoo Hoo Steven!!! So good to see you! You look fantastic! Keep up the great job ;)

  14. steven nelms says:

    hay u miss me guys

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